Monday, 30 September 2013


Hey readers,

I've been away for a while at an amazing place in BC, on Vancouver Island. It was a wonderful place, and I've had such great experience in Bamfield. While I was there, I had an opportunity to read 2 interesting pieces of literature, a short story (The Sea Devil) and an excerpt from Whale Song. Here are my thoughts on these pieces.

The Sea Devil

The Sea Devil follows the story of a man who almost died because of a devil ray via drowning. The first thought that came to my mind was: Who is the protagonist? No name was given to him, not a lot of background either, and he was only referred to in the entire story as "he" or "him". The protagonist is obviously rich because of his acquisition of the private property in Florida, especially being so close to the ocean. He has his own private boat and docks, and evidently fishes for recreation. Anyways, I saw foreshadowing on the 4th page at the end, but it wasn't apparent until I reread the story. The foreshadowing tells us that something frightened a school of sardines, possibly the shadow of the skiff. I think that the overall theme tells us that Humans are animals in their own ways, and we should never forget that. In Bamfield, I read it right by the sea (obviously), so a connection could definitely there. I think that reading it by the coast helped me understand it better.

Excerpt from Whale Song

In Whale Song by Cheryl Kaye Tardif, is a story about a young protagonist who unwillingly moves from Wyoming to Bamfield with her family. My first reaction was that the protagonist was really young. In the few years that I've been reading, I don't think any books I've read have protagonists as young as her. Of course, I can connect to the story because it is set in Bamfield. I don' think that I saw foreshadowing in this excerpt, but maybe there was some when her father warned her not to go past the raft when swimming. Other than that, these are my thoughts on the excerpt from Whale Song.

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