Thursday, 1 November 2012

Book Review #2

The Mark of Athena                                                   Disney Hyperion Books ©2012

Rick Riordan                                                              493 pages, $19.99, ISBN 978-1-4231-5516-4

What if the gods were real? What if the ancient Greek gods were real? The Mark of Athena is a book in a series of books about Greek gods and their interaction with the real wold, based loosely on the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. When Annabeth, daughter of Athena, lands in the Roman equivalent of Camp Half-blood (a place where demigods (kids of a god and a mortal) live) to see Percy Jackson, her boyfriend, for a peace meeting, Leo, the person who piloted the airship to the Roman equivalent, starts shooting the ships cannons toward the place's buildings. The Roman demigods see this as treason against a peace meeting, and declare war on the Greeks. The group proceeds to escape the camp via airship, and find out that Leo was possessed by a dead spirit who was under the command of Gaea, the evil earth goddess. Want to know more? Read the book to find out!

Rick Riordan writes yet another heart-stopping fast-paced yet humourous book. The Mark of Athena is a masterpiece, crafted delicately to fulfill everyone's need of an action book. Rick manages to add humor to the mix, which I think is a hard thing to accomplish. The entire book is a page turner, and you'll probably find that once you reach the end, you keep on turning but run out of pages to turn. This book is impossible to put down, and be sure to read the rest of the series if you like this book!


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  2. Hey Tong,

    I really liked your critique because of your word choice. I have read this book as well and I completely agree with your opinions and thoughts about the Mark of Athena. Good Job! :)

    P.S. I really like your theme! It definitely suits you and tells your audience a little bit about your personality and interests! :P

  3. I was really captivated by your first sentence as it related well to the plot of the series and was also very intriguing and all in all a great hook!

  4. Your Book Review, specifically your first paragraph makes me want to read the book as your word choice and description is very interesting. I know you love space so the background reflects your likes and interests. I also like how easily I can find your Reviews and your banner is very nice too.

  5. Nice review! I liked the summary a lot because you made it sound very thrilling. The review had some awesome word choice, so there was absolutely no dull parts. I also thought it was very creative/useful on how you included the ISBN number and the price. Over all, an extremely interesting review that people will actually want to read!

  6. Tong,
    I really found this book review quite intriguing. You really caught my attention. I really like your use of words! You made it interesting through the whole way and I really enjoyed reading your book review. GOOD JOB! :)