Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Book review #3

CloudWorld At War                                                    ©Kennedy & Boyd 2008

David Cunningham                                                   ISBN 1-904999-90-5 $7.99

CloudWorld At War is the sequel to CloudWorld, by David Cunningham. CloudWorld is based on a world of clouds, with no place to see the ground. When Marcus, a fugitive after being betrayed by the general Titus, returns to Heliopolis, his home city, after a huge mountain climb, his home citadel, to find that Titus was overworking people and was punishing people with no reason. Along with his friends, they seek to help the farmers and artisans overthrow the General Titus dictatorship regime, where people are expected to work until they faint and barely get any food. But how will they complete such an impossible task? The kabal guards are watching the farmers every step, and surely this revolt will be impossible. Will they be able to do this? Read the book to find out!

David Cunningham manages again to pull off an extraordinary book. The humour was witty, the story was action-packed, and a lot of emotions were included too. I think that I could relate this to the Arab Spring, where oppressed people manage to regain their rights. David Cunningham creates vivid descriptions with excellent word choice. I guess the theme of this book would be that dictatorships can be resolved. CloudWorld At War is a magnificent example of an adventure/fantasy/action book, and I really think that nobody could write better than this. The book was well described. I could get the ideas, the story was interesting, and the action was unmistakably exceptional. CloudWorld At War is a great read, and I would recommend it to anybody, as long as they’re interested in books, which I am sure everyone is.


  1. I haven't read the book yet but you make it sound like it's a great book

  2. Thanks so much for that wonderful review. I really appreciate it.

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