Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Response to Sean Harrop's Review of Divergent Review #4

This is a review of Sean Harrop's review of Divergent. Sean, I see that your review says says: “One thing I like about this book was how the characters go through the [aptitude] test and in other places throughout the book.” I think the tests did help a lot with characterization but maybe you could give a little more evidence as to why. I think that parts of the characterization comes from the sections where Tris meets Tobias and also in the beginning by showing just how uncomfortable she was with her own faction. I generally agree with your ideas but maybe you should add on a bit to your elements that you include because I really don’t have anything else I can extract from your review

I liked the way that the beginning kind of ‘hooks’ you in. I think that the ‘guiltiest for wanting to leave my family’ part really makes the reader focus and grabs the reader’s attention. Also, people will probably ask why Beatrice couldn’t look at herself in the mirrors. Beatrice is in a romantic relationship with ‘Four’. I think this is because of the fact that they both started out as abnegation. Quoted directly from the book: “I push myself to a sitting position. I am aware of how little space there is between us—six inches at most. That space feels charged with electricity. I feel like it should be smaller. He stands, pulling me up with him.” I really love how the author describes everything clearly and accurately using sensory language. Direct proof from Divergent (multiple parts): “The cement scrapes my face, and I turn just in time to see a car bearing down on me, like a giant shoe about to crush me.” “I hear metal sliding against metal and feel wind so intense it forces tears into my eyes as I hurtle toward the ground. I feel like I am without substance, without weight. The air is so cold and so fast that it hurts my face. I pick up speed and a shout of exhilaration rises within me, stopped only by the wind that fills my mouth the second my lips part.” Generally, I think this is an interesting and diverse book and I would recommend it to anyone who liked The Hunger Games because I think Divergent is very similar to The Hunger Games because both are set in a dystopian environment and about a political reform. Great job, Veronica Roth!

By the way, I tagged it as 2012 because this review was finished in 2012. I forgot about uploading it. :)

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