Tuesday, 5 February 2013

2nd Response Review, to Aidan Morelyle's review of Insurgent

“With every triumph comes sacrifice.” I think that this is a very powerful statement to use in this review. I think this is true, because for Tris to succeed, she had to shoot Will, her friend, and then Christina started hating Tris because Christina and Will were in a relationship. You said that the new characters helped develop the story and explain the things happening so far. I agree that the new characters do help readers to understand the story and plot better. I think that Four was a really odd character because he also switched from abnegation to dauntless, but the details and some added minor characters help me to understand why. Overall, I think that your review was okay, but was missing some elements.

I think the story takes place (once again) in a dystopian environment, probably in a city like Chicago or New York. The city sounds big in the story, so I think that it might be one of the cities on the east or west coast. You can tell that Insurgent is set in a dystopian environment because the Erudite are obviously withholding information from the public, in fear of being overthrown if this information comes to light. Other factions are suppressed, and mind-controlled to suit the Erudite’s needs. I like how the author portrays characters and moods (especially humour and sarcasm). Taken directly from Insurgent: “I like you, too.” “That’s encouraging,” he replies flatly. “Come on. Oh, for God’s sake. I’ll just carry you.” What I don’t like how you can’t read this book if you don’t read the first book. None of the storyline will make sense or have as much effect as if you read Divergent then proceed to insurgent. For characterization, I think that Tris is a round and dynamic character while Four is (still) round but static. We know a lot about Tris and Four, but while change is shown in Tris’ personality, no change can be felt in Four. Anyways, if you think you like this book, go check out Aidan’s review and if you’re so inclined, get the book!


  1. Hey Tong,
    I absolutely loved this book and cannot wait until the third one is released! I never really thought about where in our present world the society could possibly be placed, but I think your right about it most likely being in Chicago, New York, or some other big city. How you said that Four doesn't change, I think that he had some emotional changes throughout the book that had a clear impact on him... Overall Great Review!


  2. The first statement in this review caught my eye. That statement definitely outlined the theme of the book and it also hooked me to reading the rest of your review. I recently finished this book and the cliff hanger at the end definitely made me think, what will happen after this book? By the way, what do you think will happen after this book? Also, I am glad that there is another huge Uncharted fan in our school! The part of the game that you recorded was definitely the part that defined the game the best. I also saw your Photoshopped CloudWorld image from last term and it looked amazing! Some day you should seriously teach me how to Photoshop images. Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Great review! It makes me want to read the book. Maybe I will someday. “With every triumph comes sacrifice” is so true and it's taking place in our everyday life. Think about it. Your desire to keep learning piano makes you give up a lot of other things. It may not be a big triumph at the end, but it's certainly something I think that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.

  4. Great review Tong you coverer everything that Aidan didn't in his original review. I like how in your first sentence of your second paragraph you make an inference based off the information provided in the book and when I am reading I love when I can do that. One other thing that stood out to me was the fact that you used specific quotes and I think that makes your report more real and entertaining. Keep up the great work and I may just have to read this book.