Thursday, 7 February 2013

Challenge #2

My book list for my second free reading challenge:

The Last Dragon Chronicles (The Fire Within, Icefire, Fire Star, The Fire Eternal, Dark Fire, and Fire World)
The Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Brisingr, Eldest, Inheritance)
How to train your dragon (How To Train Your Dragon, How To Be A Pirate, How To Speak Dragonese, How To Cheat A Dragon's Curse, How To Twist A Dragon's Tale, A Hero's Guide To Deadly Dragons, How To Ride A Dragon's Storm, How To Break A Dragon's Heart, How To Steal A Dragon's Sword, How To Seize A Dragon's Jewel) 

The genre is... dun dun dun... my top 3 dragon-fiction series! This list took very long to compile, as I've read so many dragon books my head is filled with them!

I like the Last Dragon Chronicles because it is the most complete series, with the most background, history, and I personally think it has the most interesting story.

The Inheritance Cycle I like because it's based on the medieval/pre-medieval times, where there were castles and villages and such. I also like it because I think that it has a made-up world, and that the story had a relatively easy plot to understand.

The How to train your dragon series is more humorous and fun, and it's a good series to read after reading all of the serious books above! HTTYD is also lighthearted in a funny sort-of way. I would recommend this series for taking a break from serious books.


  1. This is an interesting theme for your book list, Tong. I wonder why you are so interested in this kind of novel, or why you think it is popular?

  2. What a creative list! I've seen lots and lots of book lists on the litspiration blogs, and lots and lots of favourite books lists, so its super nice to see something with some thought and personalization put into it :) Also, what I loved about your top 3 was the way you justified them being your favourite. Rather than just saying "It was an AWESOME book and I've never read a better book, and I suggest this to readers everywhere!", you actually touched on the specific, unique elements that made each series amazing. For example, rather than saying "I like the plot", you said "the story had a relatively easy plot to understand". Love it!
    What made you chose to do a list of your favourite dragon books? Are dragon books your favourite genre, or did you just think it would be cool and unique (which it definitely was!)?

    Fantastic, outstanding, wonderful job :)

    1. Thanks for all the positive feedback! I chose dragon books because, well, I've always had this thing for dragons in literature. In fact, my first English book that I ever read and understood thoroughly was a dragon book, back in kindergarten. What genre of books do you like?

  3. It is obvious that you put lots of effort into this list. I like how you put your own little things in the list to spice it up.

  4. Hi Tong. I really liked your book list. I heard the "How to Train Your Dragon" on a tape 6 or seven years ago and I really liked it, good choice! You have a nice variety to the book list. I would love to know more about the other two books though. Also, i love the background, and just wondering, why stars? Ive seen a lot of backgrounds and yours caught my attention.