Monday, 15 April 2013

Post #2 for the Scorpion project

So, I've been reading the House of the Scorpion, and have some ideas to share. Opium poppies are white poppies that contain a latex called opium latex inside of them, which has approximately 12% morphine in it. Since you can convert this morphine into heroin pretty easily, shouldn't this be illegal and regulated? Especially since the US is so near opium? The book says that the opium is sent off internationally to africa and other countries, but the US should be regulating it. Heroin would leak into the United States, which is the exact opposite of what they're trying to do (obliterate drugs), so I think that the US should've broken the deal that they made with Aztlán. Onto the next topic. Why did Celia take so long to find Matt? I don't think that it takes 6 months to start looking for a lost person. I can understand that this period is needed in the plot to make Matt extra shy and almost autistic, but maybe an explanation would suffice, because I think that the absence of Celia in Matt's life was weird. Also in this section of the book, how Rosa treated Matt showed how mistreated clones are. Clones ARE human, they have human DNA, they function exactly the same as humans, so why is he mistreated? There can be 2 of the same people, but this could lead to more problems with the law, because 1 clone can sign something that the other person wouldn't want to sign, which could come down to a paradox, and ultimately result in 1 person declared as a human being while the other would just be an animal. The fact that humans can be 'owned' though, that just makes me disgusted. Back in the old days, the US used to have slaves, which could also be 'owned', but they changed that a hundred years ago. In the future, this comes back again, although as clone slavery.

Thanks for reading my thoughts!

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  1. Good critical thinking about what opium actually is, Tong!