Monday, 13 May 2013

Post #2.5 for the Scorpion Project

Hey, y'all! I forgot do do one post, I guess it merged into the thoughts so far post, but this is my blog post on setting. Now, for setting, you might just think that setting is only where the story happens. It isn't only that, but also includes the time the story was set in, and what happens in each setting. Spoiler alert! So, there are many places that this novel was set in. The entire book was set in the place where modern-day Mexico is (Opium and Aztlán combined). I'd say 3/4 of the book was set in Opium and the other quarter is in Aztlán. To me, each section of the book has a specific place and time. In the beginning, the place was the lab where Matt was conceived. Matt as a sentient character is introduced in Celia's house, and that's also the place where we find out that Matt was a normal child albeit for the fact that he was shy and didn't like to talk. The entire book I think is set in possible 140-160 years in the future, as El Patrón liked to keep things old and of his own early age, and since we have cartoons and TV in our time period, that would probably have to be the time period because El Patrón is 140 years old. Then we have the Big House, where Matt probably spends the most of  his early and teenage years in. A lot of the main storyline happens here. Next up is the oasis, which is probably the 2nd most important setting for both character development and storyline development. It is here that Matt has a lot of revelations, got the "sickness" that gave him the nightmare, and also found out that Tam Lin is still on his side. The next major place is probably the place where Matt escapes too from Opium, also where he finds a lot of friends that eventually help him escape from there. Then we have the church in San Lorenzo where Maria lived, which is where Matt "officially" escapes from the Keepers. Anyways, thanks for reading!

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