Monday, 6 May 2013

Post #3 for the Scorpion Project

I think that many of the characters in The House of the Scorpion are round, but only Matt is dynamic. We do know a lot about Matt, as the book is almost a biography. We know about El Patrón, because his story and background are told and repeated many times at various times throughout the book. We also know a lot about Celia and her personality as she was the one who raised Matt, and also there is an entire chapter titled "Celia's Story", where we learn about her back-story and coyotes. An interesting fact to note is that coyotes (or snakeheads) are guides who smuggle people back and forth from the US to Mexico and vice versa, although in the book coyotes smuggle people from US to Aztlán through Opium. I guess the real difference is that if you are caught in real life, then you would probably go to prison, but still be able to see your family and friends, while in the book, if you get caught in Opium, you will definitely never ever see people close to you again. In Opium if you get caught, its kind of like a death sentence as "you"(which is actually only your brain, your body is COMPLETELY useless without your brain and your personality is also in your brain) no longer "exist" (be yourself), which is very similar to death. I think that some foils do exist, but I'll elaborate on that later. I want to talk about Felicia first. I think that she is a depressed individual because in the family tree, Tom isn't actually a legitimate son, so she probably was very stressed before she turned into an alcoholic/drug addict. Anyways, that's what I think about these characters and their roundness/flatness and dynamicness/staticness. Stay tuned for more posts!

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