Thursday, 9 May 2013

Post #6 for Gattaca (Also part of The Scorpion Project)

Ok, today's post is on a comparison of Gattaca with The House of the Scorpion. I think that they are very similar, or at least the protagonists are very similar. I'd like to compare the plots and protagonists of both works, so spoiler alert! First of all, I think that Vincent (the protagonist of Gattaca) and Matt (the protagonist of The House of the Scorpion) are eerily similar. They both are discriminated against because of their way of coming into the world. Vincent was a naturally conceived baby, and in the time of the movie, being naturally conceived automatically made your life miserable and menial, with very little job opportunities for these types of people. By the way, these people are called in-valid, while the people that were born from genetic modification and were engineered were called valids. Even though there was a law against genetic discrimination, people don't follow it. With Matt, he wasn't even born as a person. There wasn't a law against discriminating against clones, but there was a law making clones accounted for as livestock. I guess that Matt and Vincent are both discriminated because of their genetic code, Vincent because he wasn't engineered, and Matt because his genes were cloned from El Patrón. The next comparison I'd like to make is that both eventually take the identity of the person they were impersonating/cloned from. With Gattaca, Vincent takes the identity of Jerome because Jerome incinerated himself, and he left enough samples to last 2 lifetimes. With The House of the Scorpion, Matt takes the place of El Patrón when he dies. They are similar  in this way. Finally, I'd like to talk about their love interests. In Matt's case, Maria hates Matt for making Tom eat baby food, but eventually comes back to Matt. In Vincent's case, Irene finds out about his true identity, but also eventually comes back to him. Just something to think about... Anyways, thanks for reading my post!

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