Friday, 10 May 2013

Post #7 for The Scorpion Project

Hey there, and today we're going to talk about the narrative structure of The House of the Scorpion. For me, the introduction I think was a bit too lengthy, as I was so bored that I almost stopped reading the book. Farmer could've made the introduction a bit smaller on a time scale, as the introduction ended when Matt ended up in the 'jail'. Maybe she could've cut the part out about watching TV or colouring the poppies, or just made them shorter. I think that there is no clear problem in the beginning for the whole book, but the next few chapters were almost like the introduction in that they are very flat and long if you made a narrative structure chart for this book. There are a few minor incidences in the book, but I think that the rising action mainly starts when Matt reaches the oasis. Matt starts realizing his true purpose, and starts wanting to escape. This rising action continues up until the point of when Matt almost gets shot at by the border patrol, and then strangely goes back down in a neo-falling action style. I guess this is the first climax, and the second, higher peak was probably when the Keepers finally catch up to Matt at the hospital and try to take him back. The action I think curves downward slightly then back up as Matt tries to reenter Opium and the falling action starts when Matt meets Celia and finds out about the Alacrán family. The resolution is very, very brief and happens when Matt talks about how he is going to take down Opium and invite Maria over. Overall, I think that the beginning and the rising action are elongated more than the average person can take, but the structure of this novel is interesting to me, and I enjoyed the book. Thanks for reading my blog, though!

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