Thursday, 24 October 2013

Global Issues Novel Study Post #1

Hey people

This is my first post on the Global Issues Novel Study project. For this project I decided to read Shaken by Eric Walters. These are my thoughts on the first 70 pages of the novel. For those of you not familiar with this book, it's about the 2010 Haiti earthquake. The book is historical fiction, which means that the book is set in the past, with actual events and environments, but the main character(s) tend to be fictional. The main issue that's being addressed is poverty and earthquakes in poor areas, but in the first 70 pages, only poverty is addressed. I chose this novel because I really think I connect with this issue. Earthquakes have impacted me deeply, because one of my friends in China lived in the Sichuan province and was affected by the earthquake there in April of this year. I already know that Haiti is the poorest country in North America, that it's in Central America and that it is French. I have a few questions that I thought of when I started the novel.

I wonder if the author has actually been to Haiti...
Did the author piece the info together from information online/in books or did he actually visit the airport?
Why did Joshua's mother have to die?
How come there's no snow outside when its in January/December?

And finally, the characters so far:

Joshua - A church kid who's dad is a priest
Naomi - A girl with diabetes
Joshua's Dad - a Minister/Priest guy
Iris - The wanna-be girlfriend of his dad

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