Wednesday, 20 November 2013

GINS Post #4 – Connections between consumerism and economic systems and my book

Hey guys,

Today I'm going to talk about the connection between consumerism/economic systems with the book that I am reading (here).

So, in Shaken, which takes place in Haiti, there really is no system to buy goods/services. It's pretty much every man for himself out there, and many common things that you have in your house/you can buy at a grocery store are rare there because of the issue of poverty in Haiti. Obviously, if you come across a poor country/state, you don't expect a Walmart or a McDonalds, but since Haiti is located in North America, you would definitely expect some of the influence of the US/South America to rub of on them. Instead, because of the location of Haiti (on 2 different seismic faults) and because of how Haiti was formed as a country, the economic system started out poorly. This was also exacerbated in the 2010 earthquake, which damaged a lot of infrastructure originally used for the economic system. Add in the fact that the politics in the area were unstable, and the fact that the government adopted many bad policies, and then you've got a barely functioning (if at all) economy.

Well, that's it for this post, thanks for reading!

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