Wednesday, 19 February 2014

GINS Post #7

Today, I was assigned to write a small piece in the first person as a character from my GINS novel. In this case, I'm writing from the perspective of Phillipe, before he found the orphanage.

Today, I have to go outside to scavenge for food again. Food supplies have been relatively high this year, but now I’m running out again because I foolishly decided to eat everything I had left (which wasn’t much, but included a moldy piece of bread, half a rotten apple, a couple of stale wheat wraps) to go along with the prized meatballs I found yesterday while sifting through the garbage. Water here is also a big problem, since it’s very hot, and you get thirsty quite a lot during the day. Drinking from a stream or river you find nearby can be life-threateningly dangerous, since other people put their waste into the river. I don’t usually drink from there unless I’m literally going to die of thirst. I have a couple of old plastic jugs that I use to collect water, but they’re all empty now because the moldy bread and stale wraps were literally crumbling away, and a lot of water was necessary to keep my parched mouth wet. I seriously regret binge eating yesterday, so I’m going to have to sift through some more trashcans and maybe head to the orphanage to get some food for today. Here in Haiti, surviving through the day is a challenge every day. You’ve got thieves, murderers and the mentally insane, and basically everyone to worry about, and you don’t know when they’ll strike. After getting food at the orphanage, I’m going to have to find some clothes to replace the stringy knots that are all that remain of my previous shirt and pants. Here, clean clothes are a precious commodity that are rarely seen anywhere. Most of the stuff you can barter for or find on the streets are already dirty and stained, if not worse. In fact, pretty much everything you find here is dirty and stained. The furniture, clothes, food, they all exhibit some form of wear and tear, since buying new stuff is difficult for most people who have jobs since their salary is so low, and virtually impossible for people like me who wander the streets all day looking for stuff to salvage.

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